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This reproduction of Cousteau's Hydrodynamic suit from The Undersea World Series is made from molds taken from all original parts.

Individually hand crafted.

All reproductions are made to order. Contact Flashback Scuba for pricing and lead times.


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The C-Shell
Currently Unavailable.

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Style meets function: Just add your favorite double hose regulator and you are ready to go. Smooth clean lines and attention to detail characterize our flagship product. Marine grade stainless steel hardware, high impact resins, and ultra durable urethane base are just a few of the finishing touches that make this piece truly expedition ready. Designed to be field maintainable, the C-Shell can be completely dismantled without the need for tools, even the harness can be easily replaced. The C-Shell holds two 63 cubic foot aluminum tanks connected by a USD solid bar manifold, providing excellent bottom time and a 500psi reserve.* The design of the C-Shell is intended to maximize the performance of double hose regulators by keeping the tanks very close to you back.

*Tanks not included. The C-Shell should be treated as a vintage collectable and is intended for display purposes. If a person decides to add tanks and a manifold, therefore making the unit operational they do so at their own risk. The C-Shell should be used only by those divers who are well practiced in the use and operation of vintage equipment. There is currently no training for double hose regulators or diving with vintage equipment. People who choose to dive with vintage gear do so at their own risk and must be properly oriented with the procedures and techniques used with this style of equipment. The C-Shell does not incorporate any form of buoyancy control device. It is possible to use a horse collar type BC but divers who choose to dive without a BC should be experienced with this style of diving. Diving is dangerous. Be familiar with all of your equipment. Know your limits. When in doubt find out!


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